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Russian Women - Warm-Hearted Beauties From Cold Country

Russian beauty is famous in all the corners of the planet. But, the soul of a Russian lady is still a secret for most men in the world.

Probably, this is the reason, why these girls are so desirable: people tend to reach for the mysteries and puzzles. Yet, it is impossible to get over a Russian woman even after years of life together with her. The puzzle of a Russian soul seems to be unsolvable, but we are here to clarify at least something about the fantastic Slavic women, seeking men who will show them what a true love is.

Are Russian women the best wives?

This is the most important question. A lot of men are interested in the relationships with Russian mail order brides, but this is a bit hard to understand a woman, who lives abroad. To meet such a girl is easier, as some of the European women travel a lot, but this will not give the full image of a Russian mail order bride. Friendship will tell nothing about how these women can love and who they are when it comes to living together.

There are a lot of dating sites offering you a happy life with a Slavic woman and promising that you will get a perfect wife. This would become your happy ticket to beautiful Russian women personals. We are going to dispel some myths, add info about these ladies, and help you to make a decision, whether you want a Russian wife or not.

How is it to be married to a Russian mail order bride?

  1. You will never get bored. Russian brides usually are quite reserved with new friends, but they are very emotional with the people they are close with already. If you are that happy person, who lives with a Russian girl, you will see a full spectrum of her emotions. Probably, you will see it every day - and they will be mostly positive, as the negative ones are usually kept inside of the Russian woman’s soul.
  2. She will always listen to you. This is interesting: Slavic women love to talk, and they can do this for hours. But, they adore listening to their interlocutors, trying to understand them. Russian people love to have soulful meetings and discussions with their friends and relatives.
  3. You will have an amazing companion. These wonderful women are easy-going, and they love different adventures. They have adventurous souls, and if you marry such a girl, she will inspire you to travel and learn the new skills, trying new dishes, etc.
  4. You will have a cozy home. It is one of the most exciting advantages of being married to a Slavic woman. Such girls cannot live in a house with no atmosphere. They love to buy all that nice stuff to make their family home more attractive for everyone, but for the family members first, of course.
  5. You will see how she loves the kids. You will have the wife, the friend, and the mother of your children - if you want to have the children or already have them. Russian brides adore kids, and they can find a common language with any child. She will care about both, your previous children and her own. She will make no difference between them, and this is one of the most incredible values of a Russian wife.
  6. She will cook amazingly. The women of Russia usually cook by themselves and do this very good. Yet, they cook their native cuisine the best, and your Russian wife might not know how to cook your native cuisine. Give her the time, and she will learn all your favorite dishes.
  7. She will become your advisor and critic. European women are tender and feminine, and they usually do not like very passionate discussions, argues or conflicts. But, if you need advice or a serious talk, your wife will give you this to the fullest extent, addressing her thoughts honestly and directly.
  8. You will feel and see her love. Russian mail order brides are very romantic and adore surprises. They love not only to get gifts but to present too, and they can impress everyone with their creativity. Your beautiful Russian wife will make your life brighter not only with her smile but with nice gifts as well. Such women’s happiness depends on the happiness of their beloved ones. Your wide and thankful smile will glad her the most.

Stereotypes about Russian women: what are true and what not?

Some people outside Russia suppose that women there look and behave very much alike. But, the temper depends on personality, and the personality is forming for years. Russian girls are different, but there are still some cultural or even historical similarities between them. Let’s see what are close to reality and what are not.

Are they very attentive? Yes. They pay attention to everything, on both, you and themselves. It does not matter that they will leave you because of an accidental spot on your t-shirt, but they will notice it. Moreover, beautiful Russian women usually think that everyone is attentive, that is why they care about themselves a lot.

Are they strong? Yes. The so-called myths about the famous moral strength and willpower about Russian girls are true. A Russian poet of the 19th century once said:

“A Russian woman can stop a galloping horse and enter the burning house.”

This sound a bit weird and even scary. This is an exaggeration. Russian ladies combine the incompatible features of character - femininity and willpower. Together they can do miracles.

Are they cold? No. This is a stereotype that touches almost all Russians but the women seeking men struggle the most. A lot of them are very direct and his may create a negative picture. It is true that they would rather say that it is something wrong with you, than keep silence, awkwardly smiling into your face. Yet, the last thing is to think that a direct woman needs no attention or romance. Russian beauties are very womanish and they love to see and get the care. They even lack for it - there are more women than men in Russia, and to get involved into relationship is pretty hard, not even talking about the happy one.

Are they conservative? Yes. They preserve the classic family hierarchy with a man as the head of the family and earner, and a woman as the housekeeper. They always remember about the duties of hearth and home and carry out those duties with love and pleasure.

Are they beautiful? Yes. The Russian beauty is famous all over the world and you may get the proofs by visiting any Russian city. The appearance of Russian mail-order brides is natural, as they suppose that it is not need to cross the line when it comes to the self-care. They do their best with what they have and this is a rare case to see girl with the face fillers in Russia.

Are they rude? No. Russian people tend to be very direct and their politeness differs from the politeness of the other cultures. If a Russian girl does not like you, you will hear that immediately after she realizes it or even after the meeting. They may say a short “No.” answering a question or a pickup line. This describe them as the women, who do not want to waste your time and their, as well. Would you spend time and money to girl, who has no feelings for you? Eastern European women respect you and do not want you to wait. This is another type of honesty. So, the thought about rudeness is a complete false.

Are they docile? No. This is a very controversial issue. Russian brides tend to discuss all the problems that appear between them and their beloved ones. But, this does not mean that they will agree with any decision that their men. It will be more correct to say that these women are understanding, but not silent and docile.

Do all of them want to leave Russia? No. Usually the Russian mail order brides love their country and it is hard for some of them to leave their homeland. Yet, it is easy with a beloved one. The story about the wives of Decembrists, who followed their husbands into exile, is close to reality. The love can make them to take the decisions that they would not take in any other circumstances. You can be sure that your lady loves you, if she is ready for the moving to your country with you.

Are they obsessed with self-care? Partially. They do love to look like the goddesses and spend a lot of time for it. There is even a thought that no lady will go take out the garbage without makeup. This is also an exaggeration, but some of the Russian mail order brides cannot show themselves careless or dirty. They should always look astonishing and then they feel the true power of their beauty.

Tips for a happy life with a beautiful Russian woman

Women from all over the world have similarities about one area: attention and courtship. Well, anyone loves when a beloved person pays attention to his/her mood and habits. Eastern European girls are pretty the same, but if you are going to live together with a Russian beauty, you should know some tips. They will help you to charm her and to live with her happily for years.

  • Try to compliment her look a bit more. Slavic women are beautiful and they know that, but your words will prove that this is not the game of their imagination.
  • Be honest with her. Russian wives do not like lies but very appreciate the honest opinion - just try to say it politely.
  • Have some tea with her. If she loves tea, just like the majority of the Russian people, you may have some cozy time drinking some warm tea with your lady. This beverage is very soulful and coffee is a bit another thing, more business one. Everything depends on the tastes, of course, but tea connects people and warms the souls. A tea-time gives the possibility to talk and even philosophize.
  • Help her in housekeeping sometimes. She will appreciate any your help, especially if it touches cleaning. Be sure that you will have only positive emotions, both during and after a cleaning together. She will remember this and support you in any your activity, if needed, and your couple will live a long happy life.
  • Present her little gifts. Russian girls have lack for attention, remember? You will impress her with the gifts or flowers for no reason - to express your feelings. She will love these small compliments of yours.
  • Be demanding to yourself. Eastern European women are demanding of themselves and your wife might be the same. She may want to get more educated, skillful, and even more beautiful than she already is, and you should go with her and even faster. She will inspire you to self-development and you will do this with pleasure. But, if you do not want to learn more, she will understand that and will still love you the way you are.


Russian women personals industry is blooming. This happens because foreigners understand that these ladies are too attractive to leave them alone. These women are beautiful and kind, and this is a thought that has spread all over the world. But, the Russian mail order brides are so desirable for a lot of men not only because of their nice faces and friendly smiles. They are unique women seeking men with a strong personality. They combine taste, elegance, temper, mysteries, aims, and values so smoothly that this creates a complete image. The image of a true Russian lady, who has something precious that attracts even the foreign men - the mythical but warm soul.

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