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Mail Order Brides Top Sites - How To Choose The Best Of The Best

Everyone felt a coldness and bitter taste that the solitude has. If you have been suffering from it for a long time and are tired with it, this is the high time to break with your suffers. Top mail order brides sites offer an incredible possibility to solve your problems with the speed of light. But, how to pick the right website and to protect yourself from frauds, scams or fails? Our guide will save you from mistakes and teach you to choose the reliable dating platforms.
Russian Cupid
(1954 votes)

Russian Cupid dating site is a part of a network of dating websites that are focused on women of a particular nationality. For instance, this network also includes JapanCupid, ThaiCupid, ChinaLoveCupid, etc. However, RussianCupid remains one of the most popular platforms, and this can be easily explained. Slavic women are considered to be the most beautiful, intelligent, and family-oriented, so no wonder a lot of men around the world dream of finding an attractive, loving, and caring Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend.

beautiful women
(2214 votes)

Anastasia dating site still remains one of the most popular platforms with attractive women looking for a boyfriend and men looking for a loving girlfriend and maybe a future wife. The secret of its success is as simple as genius: this website connects successful men from Western countries, particularly from America and Western Europe and beautiful girls from the countries of Eastern Europe. More importantly, the website provides the clients with the high-quality services that make communication easier and chances of meeting your soulmate higher.

(2216 votes)

Many men are looking for Russian brides for different reasons. Some of them like Slavic ladies because of their incredible beauty, some value their intelligence and respect to traditional family values, and some guys rightfully consider them the most passionate and loving wives. Demand generates supply, and the number of various online dating websites that focus on Slavic women proves this. The question is how to choose a trustful, reliable platform that will really help you find a Russian girlfriend that will make all your friends envy you? 

kissrussian beauty
Match Truly
(3430 votes)

Match Truly dating site belongs to the category of the most popular and reliable online dating platforms with lots of members from all around the globe. However, it all changes, and there is no guarantee that the favorite sites will stay remarkably good forever. So, the question is if this dating service is still as good as before?

russian beautiful women
(2643 votes)

Today people around the world have no difficulty with international communication. Lots of dating websites provide us with various services that help us feel more connected and in touch, despite the distance. CharmDate is one of the oldest dating platforms that are still going strong. Is it worth to join in 2020? Let us answer this question by analyzing the websites’ strengths and weaknesses.

russian girl
Love Fort
(1479 votes)

Love Fort dating site has been working in this domain for many years now. Thus, there is no one else right now that understands love with an international bride better. It is considered a prospering multi-national marriage agency that facilitates single men across the globe to meet new Latin women every day. Since so many people join the site each moment, you can connect with millions of women instantly. Getting an international bride from any culture can instantly boost your self-confidence. You should visit the site today to find your soulmate. She should be waiting for you!

love fort
(3245 votes)

A lot of successful men from the developed Western countries are looking for a Slavic girl, and such popularity has plenty of reasons. These girls are rightfully considered to be the prettiest women, and more importantly, they are well-educated and family-oriented. The question is how to meet them without visiting their motherland?

Victoria Brides
(4126 votes)

For some single men it is a bit confusing to meet women in person. Victoria Brides dating sites help such men to meet their beautiful soulmates without getting nervous or feeling awkward. provides people with the possibility to get involved in serious relationships. This website encourages the romantic relationship, and it is pretty hard to find a friend or a travel partner there. This is rather an attractive feature of this website, as there are people, who want to see the public with the aim to find love.

Plenty of Fish
(3461 votes)

POF or Plenty Of Fish is the dating site which connects more than 90 millions of singles from all around the world. In this review, we will analyze all aspects of its work to find out if this free site is worth joining.


Why you should give a chance to mail order brides top sites?

There is an opinion that the dating website’s popularity could significantly decrease in the era of social networks. But, this does not happen. Social networks are aimed at all forms of communication. You never know whether your interlocutor has a partner or not, whether he/she wants a closer relationship with you or not.

But, the chances to meet the one and only are a lot higher on dating platforms. The members of mail order brides top sites want to find love and happiness. Just like you. This aim is what you have in common with those people. It makes the possibility to find a partner come true. Additionally, some advantages can make your searching joyful.

Long relationships. There is an optimistic statistics of the US Congress concerning relationships. These statistics tell that 80% of the dating websites users not only find their soulmates, but their relationships are long-term. Plus, 20% of the relationships that exist now have started online. It sounds promising and inspiring for those, who couldn’t find a partner in real life.

Price. Only imagine how much money you could spend on traveling and trying to find your perfect match offline. The best mail order brides sites charge the users for the services, but it is nothing compared to the money you could lose offline.

More chances to meet the partner. Offline dating takes a lot of time because you should talk, charm, meet and charm a person again, paying attention to only one figure. Well, you may use all your energy and try to find a common love language with several persons. But, this would be too exhausting and seem like cheating, especially to the people you contact with. Who wants to be anybody’s second choice? Dating platforms give you the opportunity to meet a lot of potential partners without spending a lot of time, money or nerves.

Beautiful Russian mail order brides. Slavic women have unique traits. They respect the traditional family roles; they are great wives and attentive mothers. The beauty and tenderness of Russian girls are famous all over the world, and you should meet them by yourself to see it for yourself.

Networking opportunity. Young people tend to expand the circle of friends. However, they often narrow it with the time, getting older. Dating websites, especially the best of them that have a lot of members, allow people to make new acquaintances. It enhances the prospects of meeting the perfect match.

Over the counter Russian women sites: how to choose one?

Before considering a dating website in details, answer such questions:

  1. What is your end goal? Is it marriage, long-term relationship, flirt or friendship? Some websites meet all the possible requirements and goals.
  2. Have you checked the demography? If you want to find happiness with a Russian woman, you should check the dating site that you are going to try. Does it provide communication with Russian ladies.
  3. Have you read reviews? Our website has plenty of them. We try to pick up the most popular and reliable dating services, giving complete info about them. You can read any other reviews that you suppose to be detailed enough; please, feel free to choose what you want.
  4. Have you tried several top mail order brides sites? This is one of the best opportunity to choose the most suitable site for you. Do not be afraid to make a mistake; you always can leave the platform and search for another one.
  5. Do you realize that people may lie during online communication? The mail order brides top sites always moderate the profiles, so the majority of the profiles are real. But, no one will protect you if you neglect your personal safety.
  6. Will you spend money and how much? Almost all the reliable dating sites give the full spectrum of their services only for money. You still may use the majority of the services on a website, but it may impede the search of partner.
  7. Have you ever used the dating sites? If you had an experience and tried to find a better website, then you might have a negative experience on the previous platform. Learn from your mistakes and do not do them in the future. For example, if you had a wrong focus or aim of communication, change it. Maybe that was not what you need.

After the questionnaire above, you can take one website and consider it. To recognize if the chosen website is good enough for you, you may use these tips:

  • Pay attention to the registration process. The more detailed it is, the better the website. But, some sites exempt the new users from exhausting procedures and allow to pass the different tests later. Choose what is more comfortable for you.
  • Check the security measures. If there is a good moderation, 24/7 support, and attentive administration, there will be no problems with your safety.
  • Decide whether the website’s design is comfortable for your eyes or not. There are fantastically safe and popular dating sites, but they have an eye-irritating color palette. It makes such sites impossible to use every day.
  • Check if the chosen website has extra services. For example, video calls, dating organization and translation can come in handy. But, only over the counter Russian women sites provide users with such services.

Can the Russian women best sites protect me from risks?

What are the major risks that you can suffer from on the dating sites?

  1. Frauds;
  2. Scams;
  3. People lying about their identity (those, who try to be somebody else);
  4. Webcam blackmail (recording of what you do before your web-camera);
  5. Fake websites trying to entice coin from you;
  6. Spamming;
  7. Stalking;
  8. On Secure payment links.

Happily, Russian women best sites can protect your data, payments, and reputation. Technical base, good moderation, and anonymous payments are the integral parts of the proper security level. Yet, no one will protect you from personal scams if you do not know the general rules of online communication.

You can follow these rules not only on dating sites but during any online communication.

  1. Check the profiles. High-quality photos, full information, and approved identity - these features show that such profile is reliable.
  2. Do not send money. Save your funds and nerves and never send money to those, who ask for it on dating websites.
  3. Do not provide the personal information the fraudsters may use against you. It can be any data that may lead to identity theft.
  4. Do not register on more expensive sites. Fraudsters may recognize you on those sites and think that you are a man of property. It will raise the interest to you and increase the risk of cheating, even on the top mail order brides sites.

Do the Russian women best sites guarantee happiness?

No one can give you the guarantee that you will find the ideal partner in the first person you talk with. However, this will happen if you make efforts.

The best Russian women sites only give you only the opportunity to meet Slavic beauties. Choices, communication style, personal safety measures are only your business. Your success depends on:

  • The quality of your profile photo;
  • Approved ID;
  • Complete profile;
  • The way you communicate with people, etc.

You decide whether you want to be happy or not. Politeness, respect to rules and people and kindness have always been the attractive features.

Best Russian women sites - conclusion

The dating platforms that we present on our site correspond to all the quality standards. They are safe, have a comfortable and convenient design, big range of services, and attentive support. You choose the one that you suppose to be the most attractive to you. We can give only the technical reviews. The public and personal feelings or intuition are also important features.

If you do not want or cannot find your love offline, try online dating. The era we are living in encourages us to get happiness with technologic benefits. Give the Russian women best sites a try.

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