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How do I court a Russian lady?

To win the favor of a Russian lady is a hard task, if you want to buy this favor. To win the sympathy is easy for a man, who is full of love and admiration. But, let’s be honest: someone may know nothing about the Russian women culture and be afraid of offending those beautiful and tender ladies.

This guide is for the men, who realize that a Russian lady is his destiny and he wants to win her attraction.

To court a Russian lady: do’s and don'ts

To wow a Russian woman may be harder than a woman of your nationality. To wow any woman is a challenge. The mysterious female feelings and thoughts have been making the men’s minds to boil. Anyone wanted to know how to make a woman fall in love with him. We will help you to understand the Russian soul and court a Russian bride successfully. All that you should do is to remember all the paragraphs below.


Make the compliments. This is the most frequent and simple tip. Women adore to look stunning, but they want to hear that they stunning!

Show that you are romantic. As far as the decisions of a woman are a lot more emotional than the ones of men, you should forget about the cold-blooded calculation. If you try to show your intentions and emotions romantically, she will appreciate that. Present the flowers to her or try to dance with her - these actions will make her heart leap for joy.

Ask. Russian women love to listen, and they are famous for their talent to this. But, they would love to tell about themselves if you want to become closer. Just ask politely, and your beautiful companion will open her heart and soul to you. Additionally, the more questions you ask will show how much you care.

Be confident. Russian ladies love this type of men, who know what they want. They fall for such guys quickly, because they suppose that confidence is one of the most important features of a man. Russian mail-order brides are strong, and they want to see the strong men as their partners.

Talk about everything with her. These girls are well-educated and usually know a lot about politics, religion, and money. If you are a happy interlocutor of a Russian woman, you may start a talk about whatever you want. She will get engaged in a dialogue with interest or at least curiosity.

Be a gentleman. Show her your perfect manners and the ability to treat women. Russian girls get happy with simple gestures like help with taking off the coat. Be a gentleman during the dialogue too. Manners should be everywhere: in your gestures, moves, and statements.

Remember her tastes. If you are going to meet in a restaurant, pay attention to the cuisine she likes and the drinks she prefers. Such attention will not go unnoticed.

Be proactive. The initiative is one of the most attractive things. Offer her to do something interesting if she is an adventurous woman. Go to an amusement park and be childish, offer her to meet in the other country, etc. Do something that she did not do.

Express your personal opinion. Such behavior will show that you have a personality and have the willpower. Russian ladies tend to agree with rational and logical statements. But, if you cannot explain why you have such an opinion, you’d better not to mention it.

Reveal your interests. Do this even if you have a bit weird interests or your previous partners did not share them with you. Russian women love personality, not tastes. Further, when your lady loves you, she may try to experience your hobbies.


Don’t be aggressive. You may be confident and even assertive, but avoid expressing aggressiveness. Such negative behavior will tell a lot about you immediately, and you will unlikely to see your Russian lady again.

Don’t hesitate. Fawning, awkward jokes and teeth chattering will only alienate your charming lady. There is no person in the world, who likes doubters.

Avoid sex talks. To be a desirable woman is pleasant. However, to be only a sexual object instead of being a woman is offensive. Russian ladies are too beautiful for not to tell them about it but do not look down her dress all the meeting.

Don’t talk about your ex. It is a mistake if you talk with any woman you court. What a lady wants to hear about your past feelings? It may signify that you still love your previous woman.

This is easy to charm a girl if you respect her feelings and desires. Additionally, if you are in love, your feelings will guide you better than any texts. Your eyes will sparkle with admiration, and this will be the best sign of your love to your woman. She will see that and feel that, be sure.

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