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What Kind Of Men Are Russian Beauties Looking For?

Some dishonest strategies tell that you will win any woman’s heart, no matter what kind of man you are. Well, some of them work. But, the relationships based on such “black” strategies will end soon and give nothing positive.

We would like to share with you some simple information about what Russian beauties are looking for.

What male features do Russian beauties like?

Respect. The first thing that you should know is that Russian women like the men, who respect them and themselves. You should have the respect for your cultural differences, tempers, and habits. Such an approach will make the courting path shorter and filled with positive emotions.

Ambition. A person, who has ambitions, will likely succeed in life. Aims, dreams, and the ability to make them true may impress any girl. The charisma of an ambitious person makes an especially powerful impression on the Russian beauties, who marvel at the strong men.

Emotional balance. It is difficult to find peace and confidence in yourself, but it is possible. Russian women believe in it too and dream about calm and cool men, who will comfort their highly emotional nature.

Honesty. A polite directness is at a premium. People, who think that they are honest, telling others about their lacks, are the ill-mannered brutes. Russian beauties do not like such “honesty”, because they know that a person who is telling such things just hides his anger or weaknesses. Be strong and keep your emotions and thoughts under control. Your woman will notice this, and her respect to you will raise.

Personal leadership. Russian girls are seeking for the men, who do not only dream about something but can make the dreams true. It is possible owing not only to ambitions but to discipline as well. To show your discipline, you may at least come to the date with your lady in time and tell her about your trainings. Constant physical activity shows the willpower in the best way.

Sense of humor. This mysterious feature is the most attractive in men. It is a real talent, a golden ticket to a Russian woman’s heart. If you can make your girl smile and laugh, you can be sure that she will love you. Women adore those, who can cheer them up. Additionally, positive men are usually very strong persons, because they look positively on life. It is safe to live with such a partner, that is why the men with a sense of humor are so popular among girls.

Good manners. Russian girls see such manners rarely. It does not mean that the Russian men neglect this. It is just a cultural matter: Russian men court women in a different way. But, Russian beauties still want to see some royal manners, because they want to feel like princesses invited to the date by a prince or even king.

Ability to find a common language with children. Russian ladies know how to behave with children, and usually, it is easy for them to become friends with kids. They would be happy to see the same ability or at least the intentions from the side of men too. It will promise a close and cozy family with you to them.

What male features Russian beauties do not appreciate?

Rudeness. No one loves to see rude behavior. It is not needed to show your “power” by impolite statements. Train the features above to prove your moral strength; it will be much better.

Egoism. Talking only about yourself and self-admiration will do nothing, but making you an unpleasant person. If you do not want to look ridiculous, control your ego and keep calm, even if you make tiny mistakes. Your lady will see your true nature anyway because Russian ladies have pretty good intuition.

A lot of alcohol. Do not get drunk, at least often. Russian beauties do not like drunkards. Western men look promising and very attractive to girls, because they tend to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you do not keep such a lifestyle, just do not overstep with alcohol during the dates and further in life. It will be good both, for your health and living together.

Irresponsibility. How can a Russian lady marry an irresponsible man? It would be a risky choice. A man, who does not keep his word or take the responsibility will only cause problems in family and make a woman solve them.

Bragging. You should not boast of your knowledge, skills or professional experience if your beautiful date does not ask you to tell about it. This is a simple rule, and you should only ask her and answer her questions about you. Additionally, it will be a little trick: she will get curious about your past and present life because of your mysterious silence and smile. But, do not play it out; otherwise, your Russian woman will think that you are not interested in the date with her.

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